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Nathalie grew up in the French speaking province of Quebec, Canada. Growing up in her home, the kitchen was the rendez-vous point for all activities. She remembers her mom over the stove concocting comforting meals, always smiling. She often said that food brings people together. She was right! Later on, her extensive travels through India, South East Asia, Europe and Morocco opened Nathalie to many different cultures, exotic spices and herbs that made her world a better place. This was the beginning of her love story with cooking that led her to complete a professional training at the world renowned Institut culinaire Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. Her style is the traditional "cuisine classique" but less opulent, more a hybrid of "nouvelle cuisine" borrowing methods from far away countries. Nathalie is always in search of new tastes and more than willing to make your grandma's favorite recipe.